First step is to check and make sure there is a problem with this pedal and not another element in the audio signal chain. 



  1. Is it on?  Make sure correct power supply (or live battery if applicable) is connected.
  2. Is it plugged in? your guitar? The output of the pedal into something that makes sound?
  3. Do you have active pickups? Is the battery dead?... check it.
  4. Cables!... most problems are a faulty cable. Check each cable from guitar to source to be sure each one works properly, then reconnect pedal.
  5. Did you read the manual? It is helpful and is located on every product page for view or download.
  6. Is it making sound, but you are having difficulty getting a certain sound or performance out the pedal?  Make sure to watch some of our videos and other videos by Solar users on You Tube. This can help you tweak setting and set up your pedal to get the sound you desire.
  7. Is it noisy? There are an unlimited amount of reasons for noise, including every component of your guitar, pedals, power supplies, amps, cables, lights, your toaster, your Mom’s hairdryer all the way to the power coming out of the socket. And of course, LOT OF GAIN. There is no such thing as “silent distortion”. So, before you contact us about noise, test the pedal alone with approved power supply, good cable, guitar, clean amp or interface to eliminate all other potential sources.
  8. Is the output all the up?  This is not a good setting and will create noise and artifacts just as with a high gain master volume amplifier set this way.
  9. Still seems broken? First check our warranty page here:
  10. Contact us via our customer support email – we answer ASAP and most times figure out a solution within 48 hours.